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If you already know me, duh, just use my email address.  Otherwise, you can use:

Yeah, that’s a super weird email address… stop laughing.


4 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Hi Mairin, I found you on Lincee’s blog. Your comments are some of my most favorite to read so I hope you don’t mind if I enjoy you here as well. My daughter is the one who has tried the atlatl. I am loving your blog! I’m just Liz on IHGB’s but you already have one of those so I added the R.

    • hey liz! i’m just so pumped people are reading this thing! 🙂

      and i know a lot of liz’s, so i appreciate the R 🙂

      (ps – i edited your comment a little to include my actual name, which I let people know here… keeping the identities separate or i’ll get confused, lol)

  2. Hey Mairin, Amber Rislow Harder–my sister-in-law—just sent me a link to your Gong blog post, and I LOVED it!! You are hilarious! And I like the mission of your blog, as I am a small town midwestern girl about to make my move to NYC, so I will probably relate with the “growing up” that comes by necessity in these situations. Great writing and drawings!

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